A dangerous situation in eastern Scotland

A dangerous situation in eastern Scotland & northeast England is expected today, since extraordinary powerful winds are coming in from the north-east.

🌀 A savage storm is moving through Scotland and it’s delivering extreme winds, accelerating Arctic air south towards Europe.A real taste of winter incoming with nasty wind-chill and snow for some.The strong northerly winds and cold weather continue through Saturday with temperatures during the day ranging between 4 and 6 degrees.There’ll be further showers, again some of sleet, mainly around coastal areas with long sunny spells developing.The winds will begin to ease later in the day.

❄ Much of Europe is entering a much colder period these days.The first Arctic outbreak of the winter season will reach the maximum intensity early next week.It will be the first cold blast of the season for many countries, with widespread night frosts and first snowfalls at low altitudes.This period could be long-lasting and also early December will be more dynamic with frequent cold fronts spreading across much of Europe.

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