Cold and frost forecast next week over most of Europe

We are on the eve of an intense continental outbreak that will affect much of the European continent next week.

❄️ The areas most affected will be eastern Europe, the Balkans and Italy, but the continental flow from Siberia will push further west around the middle of next week, also marginally affecting Spain and France.
At the same time a blocking area of high pressure is building north across the UK and Scandinavia, causing an infiltration of cold air over central Europe.

🌡 Looking at the chart of temperature anomalies at 850 hPa, there is a remarkable contrast between the extremely positive anomalies expected in northern Europe and the extremely negative anomalies forecast in southern Europe, particularly over the Balkans.
Positive anomalies of up to 15-16°C at 850 hPa are expected over Scandinavia, while negative anomalies of 10-12°C are very likely over the Balkan peninsula and northern Italy.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel