Deepening low pressures will bring heavy rain and gales over W-Europe by midweek

Autumn is back in western Europe, where deepening low pressures will bring heavy rain and severe winds by midweek.

🌡 The week started with a provisional record for the highest UK temperature this late in the year: 21.2°C for Porthmadog, Gwynedd on Remembrance Sunday.
The exceptionally mild conditions have gone and in the next few days temperatures will fall away over western Europe, back to where they should be for mid-November.
As predicted by our model, the second part of November will be more dynamic with frequent cold fronts spreading across much of Europe.
By the end of this week, it will feel chilly by night, perhaps even with a touch of frost in some locations but we have strong winds and Atlantic rains before then.

🌧 There are already yellow rain warnings from the Met Office for Tuesday in the UK with gusty winds and even severe gales forecast by midweek for more exposed parts.
These rain warnings concern eastern Scotland, south Wales and southern England.
These include areas that have already seen persistent rain in the past weeks and look prone to surface water flooding.
This rain becomes heavy and persistent on Tuesday morning for western Scotland, Wales and Devon across to central-southern England.
It will be windy for the coasts of Dorset, Hampshire and for the Isle of Wight.
Heavy rain continues to feed up from the Channel Islands as the band pushes up and across more of England and Scotland.
Strong to gale force, gusty SE winds for Shetland too.

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