Easter split

Easter split: very warm and sunny in the west, cool and cloudy in the east.

🚩 A quick look at yesterday’s Easter Sunday heat which saw Malaga Airport break its all-time April record reaching 33.1°C (previously 33.0°C on 25th 2002), while Gibraltar also saw its hottest April day in 20 years (since 2002) reaching 28.6°C.
Today at 7 a.m. some frost is still across the North Interior with Reinosa and Palacios de la Sierra at 0°C, while last night was an extremely warm night across parts of southern Spain, with several at 18°C including Gibraltar and Algeciras, also Cadiz, Tarifa and Fuengirola.
In the meantime, temperatures are even more than 10°C colder than normal for mid-April across eastern Europe and the Balkan peninsula.

🌡 By Wednesday a temperature drop is expected also over Iberia, thanks to a low-pressure area which will bring back precipitation over the Mediterranean area.
Temperatures will be below average with widespread showers over Spain, France and northwestern Italy.
On Wednesday another influential low-pressure over eastern Europe will bring very unsettled conditions to the Balkan peninsula, especially Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria.
In general, more widespread and unsettled weather will move in from the Atlantic for next week.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel

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