Extreme temperature contrast on Christmas Day between Europe and the U.S.

Incredible difference of temperature anomalies expected for Christmas Day between the USA and the European Continent.

❄️ The U.S. may experience the coldest air of the season as a strong Arctic outbreak marches across the eastern two-thirds of the country two days before Christmas.
Bitterly cold temperatures and a significant winter snowstorm could threaten holiday travel plans for millions across the U.S. from the Plains to the Eastern Seaboard.

Central Plains, Nebraska and Kansas would experience the heaviest snow, while Chicago could see up to 6 inches of snow from Thursday to Friday.

As the storm moves east, strong widespread winds 40 to 50 mph could pick up across the Central Plains and Midwest into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, leading to blizzard conditions for areas expecting heavier snow later in the week.

🌡 In Europe the situation is completely opposite: the charts for the 25th December show a strongly positive temperature anomaly over most of the continent.
The extension of this anomaly is incredible: only northern UK and Scandinavia will have colder than average temperatures.
The rest of the European continent will be much warmer than average for this time of year, potentially even more than 12°C warmer than normal in some locations.
The only exceptions will be some lowlands basins, like the Po Valley in nothern Italy and some other areas of the Balkans that could be affected by thermal inversions, fogs and mists.

📸 Graphics provided by Tropicaltidbits