First Arctic Outbreak of the season forecast over most of Europe from the next weekend

A large part of the European continent will see below normal temperatures from the next weekend thanks to the first Arctic outbreak of the season.

❄️ Temperatures are forecast to be more than 5°C colder than normal for mid-September across UK and Scandinavia first, then also expanding across northern Spain, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and then the Balkans and eastern Europe by September 20.
It will be the first autumnal cold blast for most of the European continent, combined with strong north wind over many countries.
Only Portugal, central and southern Spain and southern Italy will be excluded from this outbreak.

🚩 The Arctic spell, forecast before the autumnal equinox, will put an end to Europe’s hottest summer on record.
This year’s summer temperatures surpassed a new record established in 2021, with the average temperature in Europe being the highest for both the entire summer, from June to August, and the month of August, according to Copernicus EU latest data. 
This summer Europe has recorded its worst droughts in at least 500 years, putting Europe’s agriculture and energy sector under huge pressure.
Wildfires destroyed 508.260 hectares, more than double the average for the last 15 years.

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