First cold outbreak over the Balkans

A pretty powerful cold outbreak is forecast to impact eastern and southeastern Europe in the next few days, with a much colder air mass than normal.

❄ Most of the countries from the Baltic region to the eastern part of central Europe, the whole Balkan peninsula, eastern Europe, as well as the Black Sea region and Turkey will experience well-below normal temperatures for this late September period. The weather pattern change that is forecast this week will bring a pretty significant refreshment also for the Balkan peninsula and especially around the Black Sea region. Temperatures on Wednesday will bring the cold across much of the peninsula, spreading towards Turkey through mid-week.

🌡Temperatures will be much lower than normal for late September in these areas, especially across Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and Turkey in the coming days.Very likely close to 15°C below the average, also rising the potential for some frosty mornings in the most exposed lowland areas. Chilly daytime temperatures are expected as northerlies will also come with the cold behind the strong front. Thanks to a strong surface frontal system associated with this low, the cold air mass intrusion will continue further south-southeast behind the main cold front.

➡️ The large upper low will further deepen tomorrow, releasing a significant cold pool spread across much of the eastern half of Europe. The 850 mbar temperature anomaly chart below reveals how large the cold pool is forecast, covering the whole Balkan peninsula, eastern Europe, and the Black Sea, as well as Baltic countries. On Thursday, the large cold pool reaches Turkey with temperatures much lower compared to the early days this week. Daytime temperature will be 12-15°C lower than normal for this period in September, and even more than 20°C lower than on Monday and Tuesday.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel