Fresh snow coming for the Alps

A low pressure area in the Mediterranean will bring fresh snow in the Alps at low altitude starting from the southwestern Alps during Thursday afternoon.

🌨 Tomorrow evening some cooler air will flow in again from the northwest and will also lower the snowline in the Alps and northern Italy.
Most models expect around 20 to 30 centimetres of snow higher up for some locations.
Some models let these snow amounts reach half a metre, but that may still be too optimistic.
At the same time, the precipitation is spreading further towards the eastern Alps, with snow in the Italian Alps and then also on the northern side.
Around 10-20 cm are expected for the Italian Alps, locally more in the Southeast Alps.
For the north side, no more than 5-10 cm may fall in most places on Friday, possibly more in the Stau areas.
The snowline here drops into the valleys.

🌡 On Friday the snowline also rises in the Italian Alps, to around 1500 metres or just above that.
In the Julian Alps even a bit higher.
During the night to Saturday, the snowfall remaining in the Eastern Alps will fall with a significantly lower snowline all the way down into the valleys due to colder air flowing in from the northwest.
Friday, the intensity of precipitation decreases.
The last snow also falls to well below 1,500m due to the influx of colder air.
In the French Northern Alps even 1,000 metres and below.
In the evening, increasing high pressure clears from the northwest and the snow moves further east.

Credits by and wePowder