From summer to autumn within 48 hours

Most of the European continent will move from summer to autumn within 48 hours, due to an incoming Arctic outbreak starting early this weekend.

❄️ Latest weather updates confirm the arrival of a sharp drop in temperature starting in the UK and Scandinavia, extending to central and eastern Europe from the weekend and for the entire next week.
Temperatures are forecast to be more than 5°C colder than normal for mid-September across UK and Scandinavia first, then also expanding across northern Spain, France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and then the Balkans and eastern Europe by September 20.
It will be the first autumnal cold blast for most of the European continent, combined with strong north wind over many countries.

🌨 The first snow of Fall 2022 is forecast on central and eastern Alps under 2,000 meters a.s.l..
Bosnia and Montenegro will see the first snowfall as well, generally over 1,600 meters but also a little lower during the most intense precipitation.
About 10-20 cm is quite likely to accumulate from Saturday night, even more than 30 cm of fresh snow in the higher mountains where persistent orographic snowfall will be the strongest.
A second snowfall is forecast on Monday but with snow at higher elevations.
On Saturday northerly flow should also bring quite some fresh snow for Switzerland, up to 20 cm is likely in some parts over 1,500 meters.

📸 Graphics provided by Pivotal Weather

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