Heatwave expected next weekend in Greece and Turkey

A new heatwave is forecast this coming weekend over south-eastern Europe.

🔥 In Greece and Turkey highs could jump to 35°C in some locations.
Saturday will be extremely hot in Greece and eastern Sicily, where highs could reach 30°C in many places.
Some locations in Greece could exceed 35°C with peaks of 36°C, threatening some monthly records for October.
On Sunday the heatwave will move to Turkey, while a temperature drop is expected in Greece.

🌡 A great difference in comparison to the temperatures recorded over the last few days.
On 25 September there were some records of minimum temperatures in Greece and the Balkans:
Vovousa (1024m asl) dropped to -1.6°C, the lowest ever recorded in September in Greece in an inhabited place and Florina (617m asl) dropped to -1.4°C, a new record low for September (previous -1.0°C in Sept 1977).

🚩 The heatwave expected next weekend in Greece and Turkey will not be so long-lasting as the heatwave forecast in China early October.
An intense and prolonged heatwave has already begun in China and will continue into early October, smashing all previous records.
The first 40°C in October in Chinese history are very likely.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale