Heavy snowfalls along the East Coast

Severe winds and heavy snowfalls are expected in the next few hours along the East Coast due to Nor’Easter storm Quinlan.

🌀 Winds will be the strongest near the coast, causing local flooding and erosion as well, thanks to major waves that will result from the winds as a result of a strong pressure gradient in place.Powerful winds in some coastal areas could be damaging and strong enough to knock out power by fallen trees.Quite a significant snow amount will develop across much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, with a deep snowpack swath from Ohio Valley into New England and farther northeast into eastern Canada later on Sunday.Snowfall will be very heavy in many areas, ending up with around 10-20 inches (possibly up to 25″ in some areas).

❄ Temperatures will be about 30-45°F below normal across the northern states and 20-30°F across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Around 20-25°F below normal over Texas.The core of the cold will continue moving east Saturday night, delivering extremely cold and record-breaking temperatures for the Southeast states.While temperatures will be a shy higher across the Plains and quite a lot higher across the northern Plains, the most intense cold will spread over Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennesee, Kentucky, Carolinas and northern Florida.

🚩 Record-cold temperatures will be nearly 40°F lower than normal for this time across a large part of the Southeast, the most anomalous over Kentucky, Tennesee, northern Alabama and Georgia.Notice how much colder than normal will also be temperatures along the whole Gulf Coast, as Arctic blast will spread far south across the Gulf as well.The morning temperatures will be in the low to mid-20s in these areas, with freezing potential also as far south as central portions of the Florida peninsula on Sunday morning.This cold is pretty extreme for mid-March across many areas and many daily low temperatures will be broken on Sunday.

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