Historic heatwave in SE Asia

Historic heatwave in SE Asia, where records of temperatures are falling allover from China to Japan, from Malaysia to Myanmar and not just the May records, but even the all time records.

🚩 This is one of the most widespread heatwaves that SE Asia has ever seen.
Yesterday 18 stations in China broke the highest record and 2 stations tied the record, mainly in Yunnan.
178 stations broke the record in May, and 15 stations equaled the record.
Among them, 61 stations in Guangdong, which is 71% of the stations in the province.
Today is a historic day also in Myanmar, where Hkmati (Sagaing State) jumped to 42.3°C, new all time high.
Exceptional heat also in Japan, where yesterday 17 stations recorded their highest minimum temperatures on records for May.

🔥 Macau recorded an extraordinary minimum temperature as high as 31.9°C,
the warmest night ever seen in climatic history not just for May but for any month.
Hong Kong International Airport jumped to a maximum temperature of 37.7°C at the highest on records in May after a Tmin of 31.1°C.
The city of Shanghai in China has experienced its highest temperature in May for more than 100 years.
On Monday, May 29, 2023, the mercury soared to 36.7°C (98°F), surpassing the previous record of 35.7°C (96.3°F) set in May 1876.

🌀 The inland heatwave was attracted by typhoon airflow to the coast of South China, and a foehn was formed during the mountain climbing process, thus creating the extreme heatwave in Guangdong and Fujian.
Since Typhon “Mawar” will continue affecting the region for 3-4 days, the heatwave in southern China will continue for a few more days.

📸 Graphics provided by Wxcharts.com