Last month was the warmest September on record

According to @NOAANCEIclimate last month was the warmest September on record for the Southern hemisphere and for South America and Africa.

🚩 It was the fifth warmest for the Northern hemisphere. The 8 warmest Septembers have all been since 2014. It marked the 45th consecutive September above 20th Century average temperature. It was notably warm across all of North America except Alaska, western Europe, North Africa, South America (especially around southern Brazil and Paraguay), Middle East and China.You can see how global average temperature for September stacks up since 1880 in the charts below.

🌡 January-September ranked as Earth’s sixth warmest such period on record.According to NCEI’s annual temperature outlook, the year 2021 is highly likely to rank among the 10 warmest years on record, and more than 95% likely to fall in the range of sixth- to seventh-warmest on record. These odds are based on statistical averages and do not take into account the arrival of La Niña, which tends to reduce global temperature slightly.

📸 Graphics provided by Scott Duncan