New frigid Artic colt over North America

After the intense cold blast of the weekend, new frigid Arctic cold is scheduled to arrive early next week over most of North America with temperatures pushing to below -30°F.

❄ As the surface cold front continues advancing east-southeast in the next few hours, it will be pretty cold also in the south.The forecast calls for temperatures below freezing as far south as southern Texas on Monday morning, with the 32°F isotherms extending across northern Louisiana to western Tennessee and farther northeast.

🌡 A new blast of extremely cold air mass towards the Gulf of Alaska will lead to a surface low along the coast in the next few days.That could again bring some areas well below -40s or even -50°C on some of the days around January 5 to 7th, 2022.The temperatures across eastern Alaska, the Canadian Yukon, Northwest Territories and northern British Columbia could face below -50°F.Those are totally frigid temperatures and are extremely low even for the region that is used to having such temperatures.

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