Potentially historic strike of Fiona in Atlantic Canada

Fiona is now headed toward a potentially historic strike in Atlantic Canada.

⚠️ Fiona is technically not expected to be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall in Nova Scotia on Saturday morning, having transitioned to an extratropical system, but predictions of winds in excess of 100 mph and flooding rainfall of up to 10 inches have triggered hurricane warnings nonetheless.
A triple threat of damaging winds, flooding rain and storm surge are all in play in parts of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.
Expect prolonged power outages, numerous downed trees, structural damage, washed out roads and significant coastal erosion due to battering waves and storm surge.

🌬 High winds will cause major issues across the region.
Gusts of 100+ km/h are expected as Fiona slams into the Atlantic provinces.
The system’s transition from a tropical cyclone to a post-tropical cyclone will expand its wind field, exposing a much larger area to strong winds.
Even stronger gusts upwards of 150 km/h are possible for eastern Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
With trees still in full leaf, there will also be a widespread risk of power outages across the region.

📸 Graphics provided by Copernicus and NOAA