Record-breaking temperatures expected in Spain

By Thursday and Friday there is the potential for record-breaking temperatures in Spain, with inland areas like Córdoba expected to reach 15 degrees above normal with highs of around 40°C degrees.

🔥 In southern Spain, high temperatures are forecast to approach or even exceed record-breaking values for April.
Even coastal areas like Gibraltar could see temperatures 10°C above average.
An area of high pressure already over Iberia is suppressing rainfall while the clear skies allow more of the sun’s radiation to reach the ground.
Weather patterns across North Africa are pushing heat out of the areas of the western Sahara into Europe.
In the meantime, the relative dry conditions and absence of rainfall is causing temperatures to rise.

🌡 In contrast to the increasingly high temperatures in Spain, temperatures in central Europe have been much colder than average with some locations experiencing overnight frosts.
An area of low pressure moving away eastwards away from the UK has allowed cold Arctic air to spread south across the UK and central Europe.
Although temperatures will increase in much of Europe by the end of the week, conditions in the far north are still expected to remain colder than average.
Parts of northern Britain will have seen overnight temperatures this week around six degrees below average.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale