Record cold in Chinese history

Extreme cold hits China’s Heilongjiang province: yesterday Mohe dropped to -53.0°C (-63.4°F), the lowest temperature in Chinese history.

🚩 The minimum temperature at Jingtao automated weather station in the town of Amur, Mohe City in Heilongjiang Province, China fell to -53.0°C (-63.4°F) on January 22, 2023, marking the lowest temperate ever recorded in the province and the lowest ever observed by the Chinese meteorological system.
China had a total of 18 weather stations recording temperatures of -50°C (-58°F) yesterday, including two national weather stations and 16 automatic weather stations.

❄️ In addition, out of the 7 times Mohe recorded ≤ -50°C (-58°F) temperatures, 3 occurred in the past three days, tying the record number of days (3) in 1969.
Average winter temperatures in Heilongjiang province are between -30 and -15°C (-22 and 5°F).
While it is worth noting that these temperatures are considered to be extreme and are not commonly encountered in the region, on February 1, 2021, an official weather station in Mohe city recorded -49.7°C (-57.45°F).

📸 Graphics provided by Tropicaltidbits