Record heat in Georgia and Turkey

An intense heatwave is ongoing in eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus region: today Ardanuc and Cizre in Turkey jumped to 43.4°C.

🚩 Record heat also in Georgia: Kutaisi had 5 consecutive nights with minimum temperatures above 28°C.
This long-lasting heatwave started early August and peaked on August 15, when the maximum temperature at Kutaisi jumped to 38.6°C.
This coming weekend highs over 30°C are expected in the Baltic countries.
The extreme heatwave will continue into early next week and will ease off from September 2, when the first cold outbreak of the season will spread over Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and part of eastern Europe.

🔥 The Caucasus Region has been affected by an increasing number of heatwaves during the last decades, which have had serious impacts on human health, agriculture and natural ecosystems.
Over the last few years the longest and most frequently occurring heatwave events were observed in the Southeast of Georgia.
Regarding the monthly distribution of heatwaves, the largest proportion of severe events and highest intensities are generally measured during May.
This year, the most prolonged heatwave hit the country in August, after a relatively cool July.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale

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