Record high temperatures for Christmas Weekend

Record high temperatures are expected across most of North America for Christmas Weekend.

🔥 The upcoming winter heatwave will be even more intense than the recent warmth across the central U.S. last week, likely challenging and setting many daily high temperatures.Also The Gulf of Mexico remains at record warmth for this time of year.This anomalous warmth contributed to the record high low temperatures along the Gulf Coast and soaring all-time record December high temperatures into the Central US. This additional heat, humidity also helped set the stage and fuel the severe storms of the past week.

🚩 The extreme warmth upcoming in the following days could smash the heat record once again as central Missouri might end up into the mid to upper 70s pretty easily again.The temperature will be extremely warm, even more than 40°F above normal for mid-December across several states.Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans may all near 80 for Christmas Day.The below 2m temperature anomaly for Christmas Day is beyond exceptional. Temperatures across Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, southern Minnesota, and southern Wisconsin will be 35 to more than 40°F above normal.That’s really extreme and that is why we are about to challenge those heat records quite likely.

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