Record high temperatures in Spain and France

Record high temperatures were reached yesterday across southern Spain and southern France, with the maximum values recorded in Seville (32.7°C) and Hossegor (30.8°C).

🔥 As we anticipated in the last few days, a much warmer air mass first spread into western and southwestern Europe on Monday, then it gradually expanded towards the east and northeast yesterday.
Compared to what we have been experiencing recently, temperatures were 10-15°C warmer.
The strong warm advection to the south of the low will overspread eastern Europe and bring particularly warm Wednesday for the Balkans and the Baltic region.

🌡 Today the further progress of the low begins changing the cold with the warmth over central Scandinavia, while the cold remains over most of Finland, west-northwest Russia and Lapland.
Windy and unsettled conditions are forecast with the frontal system to the south of the center low.
Also the trapped cold pool over far southeast Europe will flush away with the further eastward progress of the deep low over Europe.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel

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