Record high temperatures in U.S.

Most of the European continent is facing the first early-season heat with many locations recording daily temperatures locally above +30°C, but in the meantime also most places east of the Rockies in North America are experiencing record breaking heat for this time of year.

🚩 The most expansive and prolonged heatwave of the spring east of the Rockies continues to smash record highs from parts of the South into the Midwest. The heatwave began in the south-central U.S. over the weekend.Amarillo, Texas, saw its earliest 100-degree day on record Saturday, and San Antonio had its earliest consecutive 100-degree days on record over the weekend.The record heat became more expansive on Monday, with daily record highs tied or broken in Dodge City, Kansas (99°F), Kansas City (91°F), Little Rock, Arkansas (90°F), Lubbock, Texas (98°F), and San Antonio (97°F).

➡️ The most widespread additional record high temperatures are expected again today from the lower Mississippi Valley into the Midwest.Some record highs are also possible through Saturday in parts of upstate New York and New England.Dozens of additional daily record highs and record warm nighttime lows will be threatened in parts of those regions.Cooler temperatures will engulf the Midwest over the weekend, putting an end to this early-season hot stretch in that region, but Texas will continue to endure additional record heat into next week.

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