Record warmth in eastern Europe

While central and western Europe grappled with an Arctic outbreak that brought widespread frost and snowfall, record warmth was recorded in eastern Europe.

🚩 Yesterday Romania broke its warmest January record with 22.4°C at Turnu Magurele.
Bucharest rose to 20.6°, another January record smashed by 3°C.
29 weather stations in Romania recorded highs above 19°C, destroying their monthly records with huge margins.
Also Moldova beated its warmest January record in history: 18.1°C at Ceadir Lunga, where the previous record was set last year.
Komrat jumped to 17.3°C and several weather stations broke the January record, including the capital Chisinau with 15.9°C.
Record warmth also in North Macedonia, where yesterday the capital Skopje rose to 19.9°C, the third European capital to have its warmest January day on records.
In Serbia another monthly record at Veliko Gradiste with 17.8°C.

❄️ Today, on the other side of the continent, a significant low is heading to the Bay of Biscay with more wet and windy weather for Iberia and Italy and lots of fresh snow for northern Spain, the Pyrenees and northern Italy.
Temperatures are up to 6°C below average in many places, above all over Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy.
The wintry weather will move to the Balkan Peninsula and eastern Europe by the end of next week.

📸 Credits by Pivotal Weather and Extremetemps