Record heatwave in UK and Ireland

Highest air temperature recorded today in Ireland was 33.0°C at the Phoenix Park, Co. Dublin: this is a new all time national record for the month of July and the highest air temperature recorded in Ireland during the 20th and 21st centuries.

🚩 Hottest day ever also in the Channel Islands: Jersey Airport 37.5°C (provisional).
Wales destroyed its all time high with 37.1°C at Hawarden.
Nearly 100 all times records in France.
In UK today’s highest maximum temperature has been recorded in Santon Downham with 38.1°C, managed to stay 0.1°C ahead of Cambridge, which still holds the national record.
Most of important cities in England and Wales had their hottest day on records.
For tomorrow there’s a high probability that the UK record may be broken, currently 38.7°C July 2019 in Cambridge Botanical Garden and a good probability that 40°C could be reached which would be unprecedented.

🔥 The exceptional heat has already gripped Spain, Portugal and France over the past few days, with temperatures reaching 47°C in Portugal and temperatures yesterday reaching 43°C in Cantabria (Spain).
The combination of extreme heat and very dry conditions that have built up following a dry spring and summer so far have led to wildfires to break out across Iberia, SW France, Italy and Croatia.
The current heatwave will ease over Iberia, UK, France and Benelux by Wednesday but then spread into Central Europe, scorching Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and also Italy and the Balkans by the end of this week.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel

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