Return to cold weather over most of Europe

Next week an Arctic outbreak will bring cold weather back to most of Europe and will peak over the Balkans and eastern Europe around mid-next week.

❄️ Spring has just begun, with above normal temperatures in many locations in the last few days.
An Arctic air mass will spread across northern and central Europe early next week and will affect weather especially over eastern Europe until the end of March.
The frigid air from the Arctic will result in some late frosts in places.
Temperatures of even lower than 12°C below zero at the 850 mbar level, approximately 1200 m above sea level, are forecast.
By day, temperatures could be up to -5°C degress below average over many countries of central Europe, whereas over Russia, Ukraine and eastern Europe they will be up to -10°C below average.
This cold spell will spread across northern and central Europe starting from early next week and will expand further east and south by the middle of next week.
Around mid-next week the cold air mass will spread as far east and south as to southern Balkans, Cyprus and Turkey.
From Tuesday to Wednesday, the cold blast will produce snow showers at low altitude over Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.
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