Storms and rain to the southern Balkan Peninsula

A new surface low establishing in the Mediterranean late this week should bring more storms and rain to the southern Balkan Peninsula.

⛈ The general pattern will bring a lot of rain and further increase the flooding potential across the southern Balkans.Especially around Greece where a combination of warm advection and the frontal system should bring heavy rain, as well as thunderstorms, possibly severe weather as well.Some areas are likely to see another 200-250 mm of rain over the next 10 days.

❄ A strong cold pool expands far deep south into the Mediterranean, delivering extremely cold air mass for mid-October for the region. Temperature is forecast to be 8-12°C below normal for this period across the Balkans and also reach Tunisia and Libya after Thursday.A quite long period of much-below normal temperature is forecast to extend well through mid-October across central and southern Europe. While it will be mostly relatively dry cold, the southwestern Balkan peninsula and also Greece are in the threat of more rain/flooding.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale