Subtropical Storm Wanda formed in the Atlantic

Subtropical Storm Wanda formed in the Atlantic over the weekend, and while it will not impact any land areas, the storm has finished off the list of names for the 2021 hurricane season.

🌀 Wanda is located far from land in the north-central Atlantic Ocean, where it will meander the next few days.It’s not expected to intensify into a hurricane and won’t directly affect any land areas.Wanda’s formation came from the same low-pressure system that impacted New England as a nor’easter last week.The low moved eastward through the Atlantic over the past few days and slowly transitioned into a subtropical storm.

🔡 This is the 21st named storm to develop in the Atlantic this year, which means the entire list of names for the 2021 hurricane season has been used up.Any additional storms that form in the Atlantic through the end of this season will come from a supplemental list beginning with the name Adria.

🔄 Subtropical storms are hybrid-type systems that have characteristics of both tropical and non-tropical low-pressure systems.Sometimes these subtropical storms can transition into fully tropical storms and even hurricanes.

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