Temperature outlook for next two months

A great performance by our forecast model, which, three weeks in advance, managed to predict the main configuration of the second part of November, characterised by cold air masses moving from the North Atlantic area towards the western Mediterranean and a concomitant warm rise over eastern Europe.

➡️ In the first part of December some positive temperature anomalies are expected over the Iberian peninsula, whereas some negative temperature anomalies are forecast over the UK, Scandinavia, central Europe and central Mediterranean area.
This means that some cold spells may be more likely from the Scandinavian area towards Denmark, Germany, Benelux, France and other countries of central Europe.
At the same time, continuous warm air masses are pushing into Eastern Europe from the Caucasus.
In the second part of December and the first part of January, the anticyclone will gain more of a foothold in most of Europe and cold outbreaks will spread over the northernmost parallels between the UK and Scandinavia, with the possibility of major Atlantic depressions or high continental retour d’est.

📸 Credits: NextClima