Temperature Trend for January

Our temperature outlook for the month of January has been updated.

🔜 Onda CTM 15-day is a new numerical model in experimental phase which can forecast temperature trends with a positive correlation on the order of 80% within 15 days and 70% within 30 days.
We can see in advance the climate trends for the next months with a precision that no other deterministic model has.
Over the last two months our Onda model managed to predict well in advance the main weather patterns.
This model will be available online soon with several charts for different European cities.

➡️ By early January warmer than average temperatures are expected across most of Europe due to a strong upper-level ridge that will pump a plume of very warm air north from northern Africa.
The warmest air mass will be across the southern and central parts of the continent, especially over Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and even further east over the Balkan Peninsula with even more than 12°C above normal for late-December.
This warm spell will probably extend into the first ten days of January, especially over central Europe and the Balkans.
The Polar Vortex will be very intense during the entire month of January, resulting in a strong anticyclone over most of Europe.
Some Arctic outbreaks will be possible in eastern Europe and then the Balkans, where some relevant cold episodes are not excluded, especially in the second part of the month.

📸 Credits: NextClima