The cold blast over eastern and central Europe

The cold blast over eastern and central Europe reaches its peak today, being the most intense across eastern and southeastern Europe, especially across Ukraine.

🌡 Nearing about 15°C is below normal for this time of the year. Daytime temperatures will remain much below freezing these days.The rest of Europe remains relatively mild, with the warmest air across the west and also far North Atlantic, basically under the weakening ridge. Over the North Atlantic a large depression takes place after the intrusion of colder air from Canada into the warmer Atlantic, developing strong cyclogenesis. This means the flow to its south turns westerly, thus the potential for warm advection increases into southern and southwestern Europe once again.

🌧 While at least the northern half of Europe gets into colder weather again, the southern half of completely dominated by the westerlies. Thus much warmer weather than normal that is unfortunatelly not featuring high odds for cold and snow around Christmas, but it becomes extremely cold over parts of Scandinavia at least. During the Christmas weekend it will be pretty much above the average across central, southwestern, south, and east Europe (with locally even around 10°C above normal). The westerly more moist flow will also bring quite some rain to the south of the boundary separating the cold to the north from the warmth to the south.Extending roughly from England to northern Germany towards the Baltic region over the next weekend.Snow will be possible to the north in some areas too (and indeed over the Alps, but the lowlands are literally out of any chances this year).

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