The significant warmth

The significant warmth over most of the European continent is already advecting into the south, western and southwestern Europe, expected to peak today on New Year’s Day, January 1st.

🔥 Parts of southwestern Europe have already brought temperatures into the mid to upper 20s these days.Temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday were the warmest in Spain, with the eastern parts topping into 24 to 27°C during the peak time hours.Southern France also surged into the low 20s, with 14-17°C in the northern parts, similar across England and Ireland.Italy in the upper 10s to 20°C, with the exception of the plains due to the thermal inversion.🌫 In fact, one thing to consider is that underneath a strong blocking High, a thermal inversion usually forms.This means that the warmer temperatures might not occur in the lowest valleys as we are used to seeing in summer, but a few hundred meters higher elevations.Thus, the valleys will be trapped in denser moist air and prevent more significant warming for most of the day.So those locations between 300 and 1000 meters above sea level might get an extremely warm day for January, even setting some new temperature records.

🚩 Over the New Year’s weekend holidays, temperatures will be even warmer across western and central Europe.Many regions will experience about 12-15°C warmer than normal, being extremely anomalous especially in the higher elevations.And those will be challenging some daytime highest minimum and maximum temperature records.Especially from France to Italy, even close to 25°C is not excluded locally.

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