Tropical cyclone Fili

Remnants of tropical cyclone Fili in the Pacific is set to hit New Zealand next week, including the already flood-stricken East Coast.

☔️ In a flood event that was described as “biblical”, some areas of the district had reportedly seen 540 mm of rain over seven days, with Gisborne city recording 180 mm overnight.Gisborne Airport received a “March worth of rain”, with 86.9 mm recorded in just seven hours.Over four days, 174.8 mm had been recorded, twice the average amount for March.

➡️ Tropical cyclone Fili is currently swirling to the south of New Caledonia and parts of the cyclone may travel to New Zealand on Wednesday.Areas of the North Island are set to be hit, including Gisborne.Northern and eastern regions of the North Island, including Gisborne, look to be most at risk of seeing possible severe weather with the remnants of tropical cyclone Fili. Maximum sustainable winds, close to the center, are now 83 km/h (45 kt) and severe conditions should ease off by Friday morning.

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