Tropical storm Lionrock

Tropical storm Lionrock made landfall in Hainan on Friday and it’s currently bringing extensive rainstorm and strong winds to western Guangdong and Hainan.

🌀 Tropical depression Lionrock escalated into tropical storm early Friday morning.Hong Kong is currently being battered by the storm with heavy rains and causing flooding. Typhoon warning signal No.3 has been issued for the approaching typhoon. Hong Kong issued its third highest storm signal early Saturday, closing transport networks, schools and offices as the storm approached.

☔ The received rainfall so far was between 150-400mm. Lionrock will continue to bring heavy rains to the region in the following hours. The storm will bring heavy rains also over the coming days.Torrential rains can reach 100-200 mm from October 9 afternoon to October 11 in the northeastern region.

➡️ Within today, Lionrock is expected to further intensify and move north at 10 km/h, then turning west-northwest and entering the Gulf of Tonkin on October 10. On Saturday it will reach the southeastern part of China’s Hainan Island. Lionrock will then weaken into tropical depression and move to the south-southwest, where it will make landfall in the provinces in the south of the Red River Delta and north-central region in Vietnam.

📸 Graphics provided by Windy and Macau DSMG