Two distinct Arctic Outbreaks on the way

We’re now at the start of a colder period of weather over northern and central Europe, whereas some Atlantic lows will bring milder and unsettled air over southwestern Europe and the Mediterranean area.

❄️ Two distinct Arctic outbreaks are expected: one will bring the first Arctic air mass from Scandinavia to the UK, Denmark, Benelux, France and Germany by tomorrow.
The colder air is moving in from the east this weekend, thanks to high pressure building over Scandinavia and the Atlantic and associated systems ‘shut off’.
But the main focus switches to the north and northeast next week, around December 8, as high pressure develops over Greenland and we see colder air trying to make its way south into the United Kingdom, Denmark, Benelux, France and Germany.

🌨 Over the last few days, the models have taken a further step towards a more significant bite of wintry weather thanks to a drop of a small polar vortex segment into central and western Europe.
This could result in a relatively short-lived yet fairly severe bite of wintry weather which lasts a few days.
Winds will be strong in different countries, as high pressure over Greenland squeezes against low pressure in-situ over the Mediterranean.
This will fuel some potentially heavy periods of snow across the UK, Denmark and Benelux with blizzard conditions possible, especially over high ground.

📸 Graphics provided by Tropicaltidbits