Two intense heatwaves in Europe

Summer is beginning to fade but two intense heatwaves are still ongoing in the European continent: one in eastern Spain and one in the eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus region at the border between Europe and Asia.

🇪🇦 Inland eastern Spain and the island of Majorca (Mallorca) have heat warnings with temperatures of 36° to 38°C forecast in the next few days.
Alicante will see temperatures this week of 35°C with the water temperature in the high 20sC but not quite as high at the weekend.
For Marbella a bit further south, the daytime temperatures will be 33°C and the water 24°C.
Spain is covered in high wildfire risk areas, reaching up to very extreme in places.
In the south some reservoirs are in an emergency state with significant losses on the harvest due to the lack of water.

🇹🇷 In the Caucasus region some records of maximum temperatures for September are expected by the end of the week, especially in Turkey, Georgia and Russia.
On August 29 Cizre in Turkey jumped to 45.3°C and Damascus in Syria rose to 43°C.
But the worst is yet to come and some locations will see temperature anomalies at 2 meters around 10°C above the average.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel

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