Unsettled weather expected by the next weekend

After a temporary comeback to winter weather conditions over central and eastern Europe, temperatures will rise again but more unsettled weather is expected by the next weekend.

🌀 A vigorous low pressure is forecast to move across southern Britain during Thursday night bringing strong winds and a spell of heavy rain. It is linked to a strong zonal jet powering its way straight across the Atlantic.
That low pressure then crashes into the Low Countries with blustery showers and longer spells of rain for Saturday which extend over Germany and France, even down to the Alps.
That means more fresh snow for the higher slopes.
A dig of colder air will pull down through Scandinavia with snow for Denmark at the weekend.
There will also be snow for the Pyrenees and wet weather along the north coast of Spain in a cooler north-westerly flow.
Santander will have a wet weekend with cool blustery conditions at the ferry port. Barcelona remains sheltered and sunny with temperatures into the low 20sC.

🌧 The jet will buckle and become more meridional with low pressure trapped and less mobile within the loop over central, then southern Europe.
The same unsettled weather linked to the low over central Europe will bring heavy showers to the Adriatic and Balkan states.
Croatia will see rain and even thundery showers this weekend with temperatures of 10 to 14°C.   
Through Sunday the low centre slips over Italy with plenty of heavy showers which will also affect Sardinia and Malta.

☀️ High pressure will drape from Scandinavia over the UK and down to most of Spain and Portugal.
Madrid will also be fine this weekend at 17°C.
The Algarve will be fine and sunny with temperatures into the low to mid-twenties.
The high pressure doesn’t mean fine weather for all, exposed coastal areas with an onshore breeze will see more cloud and damp weather. However, further inland there should be fair, brighter weather and some warmth.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale