US Winter Storm Elliot will bring coldest Christmas in decades

U.S. Winter Storm Elliot is expected to deliver the coldest Christmas to the Midwest since the late 1980s.

⚠️ The combination of a rapidly intensifying storm system called a “bomb cyclone” and a large Arctic air mass will bring blizzard conditions and extremely dangerous wind chills to the Plains and Midwest, as well as flash freezes and high winds that will disrupt travel across the eastern half of the country before the holiday weekend.
In the Central and Southern Plains, a cold front is expected to sweep through the region until tomorrow, causing dramatic temperature declines of as much as 20 degrees within hours, which could bring flash freezes to roads.

🌡 About 80% of the nation is set to experience sub-zero temperatures, including places as far south as Texas.
Even Florida, the Sunshine State, is projected to see its coldest Christmas in 30 years.
Temperatures of -50°F (-45°C) and -70°F were possible by the end of this week in some parts of the country.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the temperatures will only be in the 20s, but the wind is going to be blowing and it is going to feel colder than that.
We are talking about southeasterly winds that can gust 55 to 65 mph, strong enough to cause some power outages in some communities.