Very cold awakening for most of Europe

This morning very cold awakening with below average temperatures for most of Europe, especially for northern and central Europe.

🌡 Yesterday very mild weather in Portugal, western Spain and part of the Balkans.
Funchal Sta. Catarina, Madeira (Portugal) rose to 26.9°C, a new monthly record.
Calarasi in Romania jumped to 21.3°C, a new December record.
Very warm temperatures also in Greece (25.3°C), in Russia (19.9°C) and in Moldova (16.1°C).
The warmth was strongly anomalous over the Balkans and the Black Sea region, more than 10°C warmer.

❄️ Today the Arctic air mass is expanding east and south, spreading across the Balkan Peninsula as well.
Temperatures are locally more than 10°C below average for mid-December.
From tomorrow we see a vanishing of the most significant cold pool over central and eastern Europe.
But additional cold is already shaping up for the western parts and should gradually continue spreading south and east later this week with chances for snowfall events at low altitude in France, Germany, northern Italy and Austria through midweek and towards the next weekend.