Very cold morning

Very cold morning in most of the European continent today with minimum temperatures well below the average and widespread frosts.

❄️ Also the maximum temperatures will be colder than the average for early April, particularly across central Europe.
Monday will also be another day with cold temperatures in the morning, especially for the central part of Europe as high pressure will bring calmer conditions.
So temperatures could easily drop below freezing a lot.
The morning lows could reach down to around -5°C in parts of France, Germany and Benelux again.
Even well below -5°C is forecast across southern Germany and Czechia also tomorrow morning.

➡️ The cold outbreak is now spreading east into the Balkan peninsula and many countries will see anomalous temperatures with daytime hours being around 8°C below normal.
This is extremely cold for early April and some areas have already experienced the coldest days so far for the Winter Season 2021/22 through mid-March, although we’re actually already at the beginning of the meteorological spring 2022.
The cold over the continent should remain until Monday, as the strong High on the west remains almost at the same position until Sunday night and so will the surface depression farther south over the Mediterranean.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel