Violent storm Noa over the UK

Today at 7am Meteo France has named a violent low over the UK Storm Noa, for its severe weather and potential wind impacts later on Wednesday. 

⚠️ There will be severe gales in exposed areas, gusts over 70mph and the risk of flooding.
There are plenty of warnings about: wind and rain warnings from the UK Met Office, a code yellow for the Isle of Man ‘Heavy Rain & Coastal Overtopping’.
Jersey Met. has an orange gale warning for the Channel Islands and Met Eireann has yellow wind & rain warnings with a mix of orange and yellow warnings for Wind on Wednesday.

🌀 The SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) event this winter resulted in high pressure at low latitudes (over Greenland or Scandinavia) and the Jetstream being further south than usual.
This then fed more low pressures than usual towards Portugal (including the Azores) Spain and France.
We have seen Storm Otto pass by northern Scotland and that caused rail disruption in the UK in February half term. 
Storm Mathis (named by Meteo France) battered the Channel Islands at the end of March and brought wet and blustery weather to southern England.

📸 Graphics provided by Pivotal Weather