Winter Storm Kena

After the US East Coast is being battered by the first major blizzard to hit the region in four years, another winter storm is expected to bring wintry precipitation, including snow and freezing rain, to a large portion of the central U.S. later this week.

🌀 Winter Storm Kenan brought blizzard conditions to areas including Boston’s Logan Airport and the New Jersey coast as well as parts of New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Maine.Kenan blasted parts of the Northeast with heavy snow and strong winds.Blowing snow and gusty winds will continue into early Sunday in northern New England.

🌬 Gusty winds were reported through the night as this system continued to intensify and moved into southeast Canada, especially in Maine.Winds will remain gusty into Sunday morning, but snow should have tapered off in most areas in the next few hours.Wind gusts up to 35 mph are possible in coastal New England through the sunrise hours, which could lead to additional power outages.

❄ Temperatures will be cold in the wake of the storm.Wind chills will be in the frigid single digits above and below zero to start the day since it will remain breezy.Across northern New England, wind chills will be in the teens below zero.While the Northeast deals with Winter Storm Kenan, today it’s expected to be the coldest day in South Florida in four years.Temps will hit the 30s and 40s.And another winter storm is expected to bring wintry conditions across a large part of the central U.S. through mid-this week.

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