Scorching heatwave in Kuwait, Iran and Iraq

Kuwait, Iran and Iraq are shocking the world with scorching heat in lots of stations, recording 52 degrees and the peak of the heatwave hasn’t started yet.

🚩 Yesterday 10 regions in Kuwait topped the list with the highest temperatures on earth.

The highest was in the Jahra region at 52.1°C, while Wafra and Sulaibiya recorded 50.6°C, and additional areas in Kuwait also topped such as Nuwaiseeb which touched 50°C.

🌡 Maximum temperatures are around 50°C in the indoor and open areas, while they exceed the high-40s in Kuwait City.

The winds are northwesterly, light to moderate in speed, sometimes active in the interior areas and dusty, while they are southeasterly moderate in speed on the coastal areas, increasing humidity and doubling the feeling of heat.

➡️ Although the regions of Kuwait have the highest temperature on earth and recorded temperatures that exceeded 50°C, the ember of rage has not yet begun.

The term “ember of rage” is used in some countries of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, for the period starting from mid-July which lasts for 13 days and is usually the hottest period of the year.

📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale