Indian Summer across the Mediterranean

Much of central and southern Europe is having a settled spell of weather this week with high pressure stretching across many parts and highs well above the average especially in the Mediterranean area.

🏜 Portugal, Spain and southwestern France are very warm with temperatures in the Algarve and southwestern Spain just reaching the low 30sC.
Yesterday temperatures reached 34.1°C in Southern Spain and 29.8°C in France.
Saharan dust continues to affect much of the Iberian peninsula today and with significant concentrations.
Some significant concentrations of dust are still expected today and well exceeding the mean threshold of 50 μg/m3 at first, with a significant improvement forecast from tomorrow.

🚩 Also the eastern Mediterranean is very hot with maximum temperatures still over 37°C in Turkey.
Very hot also in the Caucasus with >30°C even in the highlands of Armenia and Russia.
It has been very hot in the eastern Mediterranean with two high temperature records being broken at the start of October. Southern Turkey saw a high of 41.2°C at Antalya Airport which provisionally beats the Turkey October record from 1930.
Hot air had been flowing north from Africa and Cyprus also saw its highest October temperature with 41.2°C at Alonoudi (106°F).

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel and SKIRON