Hot temperatures in Los Angeles

Hot temperatures in Los Angeles this weekend could help Super Bowl LVI join a list of extreme weather conditions the game’s host cities have endured over the past 55 years.

🔥 It could be the hottest Super Bowl ever this weekend. Southern California is already home to the two warmest Super Bowl games in history.On Jan. 26, 2003, the high temperature topped out at 82° degrees for Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego between the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Thirty years earlier, on Jan. 14, 1973, Super Bowl VII in Los Angeles officially had a high temperature of 82°, according to a National Weather Service database.However, the Pro Football Hall of Fame lists a kickoff temperature of 84° for the matchup.

🏜 Record high temperatures remain in the cards for southern Oregon and California through Sunday, with some locations approaching 90°F in southern California.In addition to this heatwave, dry conditions are expected to continue for much of Southern California through early spring, according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.High pressure systems hovering over the West can also produce so-called Diablo and Santa Ana wind events.These high wind events act to bring in warm, dry air, lower the relative humidity and dry out soil and vegetation, spreading wildfires.

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