Intense bomb-cyclone towards Ireland and England next weekend

Severe winds are expected to spread across a broad area over the Atlantic Ocean by the end of next week due to an intense bomb-cyclone in the North Atlantic.

🌬 The majority of the winds will spread towards Ireland as the system turns north-northeast through Friday.
Some of these winds will also spread towards Faroe Islands, Scotland, Wales, southwestern England and the Bay of Biscay on Saturday.
Locally, peak gusts will be around 80-100 km/h, while the most affected land areas will be south and southwest Ireland.
Maximum wind gusts will peak above 120 km/h, even more on the exposed areas where the downslope flow will be enhanced by the slopy terrain.

🌊 The very tight pressure gradient will generate major waves, reaching close to 15 meters to the south of the low by Saturday morning.
Those will be spread across a very large area, also gradually affecting southwestern Ireland.
As the extratropical storm matures on Friday, it moves back towards the west along southeast Iceland.
This will help the push of the major waves also farther east towards north-western Europe by next weekend.
Expect 10-12 meters high waves and swell to approach the western Ireland coasts on Saturday.
Besides the high waves, a huge swell will be associated with this large North Atlantic system, so expect significant waves along these western coasts from UK to Benelux from Friday into the weekend.

📸 Graphics provided by Meteociel