‘Beast from the East’ is on the way?

Next week a continental flow of freezing air from Siberia will bring winter weather conditions over most of Europe.

❄️ The continental air mass will spread across eastern and northern Europe over the next weekend and will affect weather also in central and southern Europe for the whole next week.
The frigid air from Siberia will result in widespread frosts and severe frosts in places.
By day, temperatures could stay around or just above freezing over many European countries, whereas over Russia, Ukraine and eastern Europe they will be well below freezing.

🌨 This continental outbreak will spread across central and southern Europe starting from early next week and will expand further west by the middle of next week.
From Tuesday to Friday, the interaction of the Siberian air mass with some Mediterranean lows will produce snow showers at low altitude in the Balkan peninsula and the eastern Mediterranean.
Other Mediterranean lows are forecast by the middle of February and could generate snowfall in the lowlands of other countries as well.
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📸 Graphics provided by Wetterzentrale