Extreme cold is gripping East Asia

Frigid winter weather gripped East Asia for the third straight day on Thursday, causing several deaths and multiple injuries in Japan and South Korea.

🚩 Record cold temperatures were seen in parts of Japan, with snow falling on the Sea of Japan coast stretching from the country’s north to west.
Record lows were logged in several locations, including one area of southern Kumamoto, where the mercury hit -9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit), the coldest logged there since 1977 when that observation site began keeping track.

➡️ After a relatively mild start to the year, weather officials are now predicting that low temperatures will continue to affect much of the country for the next week or so, with more snow expected in northern and western regions and in mountainous parts of the nation.
Widespread lows below -10°C are forecast over most of Japan by Saturday morning.

🌏 Japan is not alone in experiencing colder temperatures as several countries in Asia are witnessing freezing conditions as a cold snap sweep across.
Frigid conditions have gripped India, Korea and China with heavy snowfall recorded in most of the regions.
At least 124 people died in freezing temperatures in Afghanistan earlier this week.
The conditions are no different in other Asian countries.

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