Record-breaking warmth

A potentially record-breaking warmth is increasingly likely to develop across a large part of Europe before December is over and quite likely also extend into the early days of January 2022.

🔥 A much warmer air mass will spread across southern, western, central and also reach the northern and eastern parts of Europe.It seems that the warmest air mass will be across the central parts of the continent, even more than 15°C above normal for New Year. ❄ But as far as the winter weather and snow go, before this warmth happens, there will likely be some fresh snowfall across eastern and northern Europe also in the days after Christmas.The broad swath of potentially good amount of new snow seems possible from the Carpathians across Ukraine into western Russia.

🌨 Some massive snow also across western Scandinavia, some also across the Baltic region and the rest of Scandinavia.Some fresh snow seems also likely across part of west-central Turkey in the coming days.Northern Iceland should also see a lot of snow due to the strong advection of moist and cold Arctic air mass before December is over, thanks to the prevailing northerly flow developing with the pattern change after the Christmas weekend.

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