Unprecedented heatwave for February over Central Asia

An unprecedented heatwave over Central Asia will intensify over the next few days, breaking other historical records for mid-February.

🚩 Yesterday temperatures reached 38.8°C in India at Karwar, 38.3°C at Ratnagir, 37.9°C at Goa, 38.6°C in NE Thailand at Mukdahan.
Sharurah, at 720m asl, in Saudi Arabia jumped to 37.0°C.
Also Taiwan recorded astonishing temperatures for February with 36.3°C at Dawu, breaking the previous Taiwanese record of 35.2°C set in the same town on 24 February 1942.
Other incredible values: 36.0°C at Neimen, 35.8°C at Yujing and 33.2°C at Taichung.
Yesterday China jumped again above 35°C in 2 stations, while the island of Iriomote in Japan to 27.7°C, only 0.1°C from its February record, after a minimum temperature of 22°C.
Other historical records are expected over the next few days.

📸 Credits: Wxcharts and Extremetemps